Seattle Fixer with a little Paranoia


Connection: 5
Loyalty: 1

Contact: All

Demeanor: Paranoia

Hangout(s): Matrix

Knowledge: Anything related to the Shadows
Services: Fixer/Johnson, Information, Supplies, Fence, Talent Acquisition

Description: Noggin is one of the premier fixers in the Seattle metroplex. The problem is, s/he is almost impossible to find. The shadows whisper of a betrayal that has left Noggin’s persona a tangled skein of interwoven machinations. Noggin never attends what s/he considers a ‘meat meet’, only talking with clients through the matrix. S/he never uses video and any video chats merely present a skull and crossbones image. Noggin always uses a voice modulator that range between male and female, and s/he always refers to herself/himself in the third person. This is not to say s/he won’t do a ‘meat meet’ if the price is right, but s/he only sends a proxy that impersonates Noggin.

Noggin’s trip into the shadows of paranoia, is balanced with her incredible attention to detail, and an unwavering integrity to keep his/her word once given. Noggin has a seething animosity to the fixer Rollo. Many believe the Rollo was a runner that betrayed Noggin in the past; but inquiries into their past will bring a quick end to the meeting with either.



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