First Nations

Amerindian Gang


Turf: Everett and Council Island
Colors: Blue


An all Native American gang (although their standards aren’t much more stringent than NAN immigration), the First Nations used to control turf on the docks north of the Arcology. These days they focus on Everett and Council Island, where they pretty much control the illegal brain-bender trade (drugs and chips) and run some protection scams. Led by a Salish elf named Blood-of-the-Buffalo, the gang is big on being more fiercely Native than anyone, and plenty of the members born well after the Ghost Dance War ended talk wistfully about how they wish they’d had a chance to take back land from the white-eyes. Like you might expect, they’ve got some shamanic and adept muscle to back up those ambitions.

>>>>>That includes Blood-of-the-Buffalo, who is a shaman, and a pretty skilled one, at that.

>>>>>The First Nations are the frontline of the Pueblo Koshari, who are looking for a foothold in the metroplex. They’ve got a grudge against the Yakuza, their former patrons, the prevailing feeling being that the Yaks never appreciated them. Break-ups can be so harsh sometimes…

First Nations

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