Machine Sprite


Doc appears to AR and VR viewers near imperceptibly like a real world object, quite out of place in his stylized plague doctor persona. Perceptive viewers see the difference like an avid moviegoer of the early teens could see CGI effects on screen.
Doc is a simple sort. his (or her?) passion seems to be keeping the datascape in tip top form, whether organizing the icons on the current node, keeping a commlink working while under cyber attack, or reassembling damaged forms. It seems mindless as its robe flutters from one job to the next, though it responds when interacted with. Doc is different from the other known sprites, as in those technomancers that have interacted with it can tell you, they didn’t attract its attention by compiling it. Instead Doc was simply found one day puttering around in the home network, no breech of security, no malicious intent.
Silent and serious Doc does not speak but carries out any requests with a sadistic enthusiasm, you slowly begin to have the sinking suspicion imagining if it were the real world he would not anesthetize his patients and would gain a simple pleasure performing open surgery while they were still awake.


<> 0perator can keep him. Doc freaks me right the <redacted> out!
<> F4N91rL


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