the Crypt


0perator and his “entourage” squat in a now abandoned building, they assume it used to be a school but it could have been a hospital, or warehouse with offices…
lots of theories abound.
Whatever it was, its seen better days.
It is built above what is now a disused enorheic basin that is usually filled in with runoff water due to the high humidity and perpetual rainfall of the seattle area.
it is in the Redmond barrens area near if not in touristville. less than 10 miles away from the main territory of the leather devils.


The nearby gang “the spikes” provide a measure of protection in a symbiotic relationship with the 0perator who has begrudgingly taken on the role of management for the crypt.
It is not an uncommon to see both leather devils and spikes in the crypt, albeit only in passing. The street says there is nothing to be gained between a go-gang and a street gang brawl. Most just assume the spikes don’t need the headline news that bad.
The crypt and the gangs have a slightly better than business relationship, tossing favors back and forth instead of cred.
Under crypt
Most glass that remains has been brought in by the residents and placed up into windows, most windows are broken out and empty. most of the building has no environment controls save for the individual rooms boarded up with air conditioners inside.
power is tapped from nearby lines, and onsight generator that residents are obligated to locate fuel to fill. (or the mechanically inclined helping 0perator). as payment for his “protection” while within the building.
Suite crypt
the water is full of xenomicrobial life, able to thrive in the constant pollutants. the denizens of the crypt tell stories about the horrors that lurk in the depths of the water, that hasn’t seen metahuman presence for 20 years. Stories of a single drop infecting you with HMHVV or VITAS, to aquatic and other metamutants that come out at night to eat children, and drink from the lake.

the Crypt

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