T-850 Model 101 Series infiltrator


Each T-850 is custom built with a unique appearance and designed to replicate the look of a specific metatype and sex. They are most commonly used as high profile bodyguards, personal assistants, and pleasure drones by those with extensive resources. These drones are capable of wearing and using most gear designed for a metahuman of their model type.


<> Specific model type?
<> F4N91rL

<> they mean you can’t tell the difference unless you see them nekkid, they are very graceful, and if you’ve ever seen someone with move-by-wire installed they look just as inhumanly precise. could be anyone, could be me…could be you. rumor has it some paranoid types even walk around daily life jumped-in to one of these, and never actually leave their house.
<> Teamzero

T-850 Model 101 Series infiltrator

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