T-70 Heavy Combat Model 101


The T-70 drone is built for the sole purpose of high threat combat. It is specifically designed to enter extremely dangerous situations where metahuman discretion is also required. While still humanoid, a T-70 cannot pass for metahuman. They are much bulkier than the average troll. When traversing unstable surfaces, these models must take care to allow for the fact that they weigh in excess of 250 kilograms.
its state of the art fuzzy logic processors and enhanced adaptability make it perfect for behind enemy lines operation.
While capable of melee combat, they are not well suited for it. Instead, they prefer to rely on their firearms whenever possible.


<> My old buddy whisper said he saw these in action once. His exact words were “the hydraulic systems allow for high speed low altitude drops into combat zones.” but what he meant was the plane flies just out of small arms fire range and a platoon of these things jumps out of the back no chute.

<> Behind enemy lines my <redacted> they mean downtown chicago, I heard these things get deadlier in groups. They don’t even talk, wireless is turned off and they just kill. I heard from a buddy of mine who decrypted the pilot progam on one. said it was running “miracle shooter” giving it the extra incentive to increase it’s killing efficiency on metas to beat its high score tally. twisted.

<> by “not well suited for melee” they mean it can kill alot more efficiently with its gun. they are all equipped with a hidden PMC32 brushcutter those things are designed for vehicle armor. but it doesn’t take long for the drone to figure out itself that people are softer than armor.
<> Teamzero

<> They don’t call it a juicer for nuthin.

T-70 Heavy Combat Model 101

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