HK model 101 series Cloud


This Lighter than air self contained drone is covered with photovoltaic ruthenium polymer. virtually invisible to the naked eye, and undetectable to all but the most sophisticated sensors, it can stay maintain an altitude several kilometers above sea level for years at a time, providing eye in the sky security. it can maintain a cloud camouflage with its holo projector or more commonly it uses it at lower altitudes to create billboard advertising for an almost nonexistant maintenance cost.


<> the blimp style body houses enough space for a concealed weapon turret that one of our famous resident riggers used to use back when he took on wetwork jobs. no one looks for a shooter 3 klicks away from the target scene, especially when triangulating the weather conditions to provide forensics with a false shooting position.
<> Teamzero

HK model 101 series Cloud

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