HK Flying mini-hunter model 403


An urban pacification tool, the mini-hunter 403 has a single purpose when released for autonomous operations. In order to do its job it is equipped with non lethal disencentive device dubbed “the pain” it is a focused microwave generator, and a backup Battle rifle, loaded with suppressive rounds when needed it’s unique sound when fired burns a permanent memory for future altercations. many civilians who have met one before run away immediately upon hearing the first burst of automatic fire. its primary use is when pacification is not an option. but has also been quite effectively used for nonlethal Doc wagon extractions.
it’s manueverability is unmatched and often enemy combatants will simply not provide a hostile target than risk being subjected to the paingiver. while deemed a nonlethal weapon it is connected to the overpowered generator of the drone and has the potential of melting secure barriers if concentrated upon a metahuman for too long it can permanently damage and even kill.


<> don’t think just because its a legal armament that the star doesn’t use them for impromtu interrogations in the field. that pain giver is a military grade version of the fichetti if I ever saw one.
<> Teamzero

<> The urban settings for the pilot default to not engaging any target that has not threatened and does not have a weapon. But this is the star we’re talking about, kill first then send in officers to plant evidence…I mean…assess the situation.

HK Flying mini-hunter model 403

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