The Sagittarius Dwarf


Connection: 5
Loyalty: 2

Contact: Frost, Charlie, Hot Fat and Shorty

Demeanor: Introspective

Hangout(s): The Alabaster Maiden, Downtown Seattle Metroplex and The Barrens (both of them)

Knowledge: Languages, Organized Crime, Seattle Street Gangs, World History and Arcane Theory
Services: General Advice, Magical Fire Support, General Conjuring Services

Description: The Sagittarius Dwarf is usually dressed in an ancient and well-worn trench coat. He stands close to a little over four feet in height and his facial features are covered by an equally ancient and well-worn fedora. Those nearby would notice that the trench coat and fedora were both of a brown color and are fashioned of real leather.

The Sagittarius Dwarf wears a well groomed salt-and-pepper beard and has very distinctive eyes. They are black liquid ink in color with no pupils or irises that are outlined in a faint glowing blue light when he is in darkness or shadowy light conditions.


The Sagittarius Dwarf

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