Vintage “steampunk” style goggles framing his forehead, this Olive skinned Ork has a thin elven frame a stark contrast to the normally brawny Orkish muscles you see in the trids.
his symmetrical tusks protrude out of his grinless mouth only just enough to remind you he really is an ork and not some buff fairy treehugger. Immaculately manicured hands and perfectly coifed short hair and tailored suit, even in the brazen heat of the summer he doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable in his bulky jacket. You’d suspect him of being a surrogate if you didn’t know it was just a work of fiction…
his glazed and distant look fits in with the rest of society wandering around like living zombies enthralled with the AR immersion. An old dataplug sits in the vintage datajack the cord subtly winding its way into the collar of his shirt.


The rigger by tycarey
0perator was a an otaku made follower of the AI Deus (one of the “Whites”) during the days of the arcology “incident” and more recently is a founding member of N37woRk. His past is a constant point of contension for some members, and only mildly so. Deep down they realize being trapped in the arcology you didn’t have a choice.
Soon after being freed by a lone group of shadowrunners he was fostered and attempted to return to a normal life, making the news along with the other survivors earned him instant legendary fame and easily allowed him to garner many friends. This however made him prime model for running a covert VR simulation military operation he and his new so called friends thought was just a video game betatest. The ruthlessness he learned in the arcology suited him well in “the game” where he used innocent civilians as shields and bait to win the game, it wasn’t until afterward he found out that they had been used, and it wasn’t really a game afterall. But it was too late, and normal life returned. he had almost coped almost moved on almost became a normal child full of SIN.
But then it happened, his genetic expression. After his goblinization his otaku powers faded, he couldn’t cope with the strain of prejudice against him his friends turning their backs on the normie, so he fell prey to the weakened will of many, and turned to the escape of drugs and simsense abuse.
Soon after he dissappeared his name began to fade into obscurity and was almost forgotten. But after the crash he was reborn the gift that made him an otaku of legend re-emerged, his newfound curse of Technomancy hit him as dissonance and static, an orchestra of distortion the whispers of his past urging him to continue what he started as a child, his friends assume it is his conscience weighing in the horrors of his childhood, but he fears it is a small part of deus that survived. He never confirmed but it is rumored among his oldest friends that another corporation eventually captured him and conducted experements, reverting him back to the nightmare of the arcology. His current whereabouts are unknown but he has been in meat contact with a couple of anonymous members of the N37woRk, and rumors abound that all lines are open…


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