Turf: Tacoma docks
Colors & Identifiers: Black, Red, and Gray; Predominately ork and troll
Numbers: Approximately 80
Leader: HardRain
Previous Leader: Thomas “Junkyard” Hirsch
Lieutenants: LMoloch and Partyball
Previous Lieutenants: Caine
Former Allies: Gianelli family and the Bilotkiy Vory

Partyball has a significant criminal record for his age, including one outstanding warrant on murder. Now that the Seattle gang violence has escalated into inter-syndicate warfare, his apprehension is not a high priority as it is suspected that the tempo fueled violence will take him sooner or later.


Named for the Night of Rage, this gang is made up mostly of orks, along with a few trolls, dwarfs, and “unseelie” changelings. They’re clannish and out for revenge for an incident that happened before most of them were even born. They claim to look out for the metahumans of Tacoma, but the truth is they are more concerned about holding on to the smuggling and protection business along the docks. It’s one of the reasons that , after years of fighting with the Mafia, the Ragers finally realize it was smarter to work with the mostly human Families than have them as enemies. The Vory have made overtures to the Ragers lately, and it’s no secret they’d like to control more of the dockside business.

>>>>The Vory have been playing on Evo’s reputation and portraying themselves as more “metahuman friendly” than their Mafia rivals. It remains to be seen if the Ragers buy the act, but it did work for “The Cutters” street gang, who now answer to Alexander “Terminator” Lagorski behind curtains.

>>>>The Ragers have been operating out of the Tacoma Docklands since the early 60’s and have been on Gang Crime’s low-priority Threat list for almost as long, despite their penchant for violent crime.

In recent months, the gang has established working relationships with the Gianelli family, and more recently, the Bilotkiy Vory—leading to an elevation in Threat index. However, with the explosion of gang and syndicate violence the Ragers now find themselves caught between their former allies and are nothing more than pawns in the street fighting. Currently all indications are that what is left of the Ragers’ tempo operation is being funneled through a lieutenant calling himself Partyball (Case ID:8200238), an ork street shaman who took over after Caine fell out of favor.

In the Metroplex, as in many other major sprawls, myriad gangs are trying to muscle in on the tempo business, to prove themselves worthy of the distribution deal, or align with bigger players out to stop tempo trade. Currently, the Ragers are trying to reconnect with their former allies the Bilotkiy Vory.

As September opens, all appearances indicate that the underworld factions are using the chaos as an excuse to regain turf, settle old scores, change the balance of power, and make grabs for dominance. The shadow community is making a killing (often literally) in the conflict and on drug-related runs.

By all accounts Intel projects a very bloody month ahead.


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