Kerwin Loomis


Name: Kerwin Loomis
Alias: None
Age: Late 20s
Sex: Male
Metatype: Human
Nationality: Caucasian / CAS
Known Affiliation(s): None

Appearance: Kerwin doesn’t care much for his appearance, and wears whatever doesn’t smell and isn’t stained. He barely even maintains himself, and showers only occasionally. Weight has begun to creep into his body.


Kerwin has always grown in the shadow of his very successful father. Despite that pedigree, however, he has inherited none of his father’s talent and drive and went through school unmotivated. He drifted from place to place, returning to Denver only because he had nowhere else to go and a father willing to take him in.

With some money his father lent him, Kerwin opened up a bar he called the Coda and tried to make a life for himself. However, his bar bordered on the Z-Zone, and unfortunately, clientele was small and rough, and the bar refused to flourish. When his father passed away, and with it his money, Kerwin was sure he would be living on the streets.

He recently ran into some bad luck when he tried sell a hot disk on some old recordings. His bar was raided, in the confusion, he was able to escape into the night. He bar was a total loss.

Kerwin Loomis

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