Massive among trolls, he is reputed to be the largest troll in Seattle.


Ham-Bone made his name dragging the credibility of The Bloody Screamers’ into the gutter, the Screamers got their start following the Night of Rage, when orks in the area banded together and swore to shun human society. The Screamers have ties to the Ork Underground and work the smuggling trade from that angle. They hate all humans.

Ham-Bone is easily 3 meters tall, and then there are his horns, luckily there are only a few places you can see him in Seattle, because everywhere else he complains the doors are too small.
He is well known for extreme violence at the slightest provocation and for being highly volatile, outbursts with him end up with body parts strewn about the ground and his name painted with his victims blood, their dismembered arms for brushes.

Charlie claims he has had a few run ins with the granite troll, back when Ham-Bone was trying to break into the shadows, “He hits like a freight train and is hard as plascrete.” but they lost touch shortly after Ham’s first run.



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