Crazy Street Gang


The Halloweeners were one of the more ferocious gangs of Seattle. Their symbol is a flaming Jack O’Lantern and their colors are black and orange. Their original gang was decimated by a Renraku strike team and the reincarnated by Slash-and-Burn with the idea of attacking Renraku. New initiates had to break into a Renaku installation or by having them stand in a circle of flames for as long as he remembers being trapped in the burning ruins of the gang’s old headquarters (About 15 to 20 minutes). They were well known for using pyrotechnical weapons and for crazy stunts.

In 2069 the Halloweeners were slaughtered in a gang war with the Ancients. However, they have managed to rebuild themselves to a medium sized gang. Only a few Halloweeners from before the Ancients battle are left and they serve as the gang lieutenants, known as “Ragers.” They fight exclusively with flame based weapons and are seeking to rebuild the gang to its former glory. The gang is currently led by the mysterious Nightmare, who managed to rest control of the gang after the death of Slash-and-Burn and a period of infighting. The gangs focus has branched out from their violence and mayhem directed at the corps to just about everyone and to violent and horror BTL dealing. The Halloweeners are involved in a turf war with the First Nation Gang on the subject of the income created by dealing with the new BAD Tempo.



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