Tony "Double T" Tucci

Mafia Soldier


Connection: 1
Loyalty: 2

Contact: Frost

Demeanor: Tough Guy

Hangout(s): Mafia Hangouts

Knowledge: Mafia Politics
Services: Hired Muscle

Description: Tony Tucci is a small time mafia grunts. He has dreams of becoming a made man, but due to his ork heritage, he is regularly used as extra muscle. Double T is a member of the Gianelli family.


The Gianellis are one of the three Mafia families operating in Seattle, UCAS. They are led by Don Joseph Gianelli.

The Gianellis used to be called “Bigios” but after the death of Don Maurice “Butcher” Bigio control of the family was given to Joseph Gianelli who reorganized and renamed the family.

Tony "Double T" Tucci

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