Doc Solomon

Nerosurgeon Reduced to a Midnight Mortician


Connection: 1
Loyalty: 3

Contact: Frost

Demeanor: Burn-out

Hangout(s): Redmond Morgue, Lenny’s Bar

Knowledge: Medicine, Cyberware, Tamanous
Services: Cyberware installation and maintenance, Medical Services, Organ legging

Description: A once novahot chiba surgeon, Solomon Grady is now a burnt-out shell of the man he once was. He now sells his skills in the Redmond morgue to anyone who can afford it. Displeased with path life has taken him, he courts disaster through drug use and organ-leg dealings.


If you’re looking for a good street doc, there’s one that works the graveyard shift at the Redmond Morgue.
—Monkey Magi<22:13:43 />

The story of Doc Solomon is a cliche’ tail of the meteoric rise of a Chiba neurosurgeon that plummets back to earth in a scandalous new’s expose’ of narcissism, nuyen, and novacoke. One advises against mentioning his past if you do not want a visit from Tamanous while you are under.
—Cybervoire<01:22:36 />

Always a penchants for the dramatic, eh Cybervoire? Doc Solomon has some mad skilz. Just make sure he’s off the dust when he does or you may end up with the Black Shakes.
—Funster<01:45:12 />

Doc Solomon

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