Daisy Quallon

Talismonger, Amerindian Elf Female


Daisy Quallon is a beautiful elf of mixed Native American and Cuacasian blood (even she doesn’t know how mixed). She has lived in Seattle for most of her adult life, though her elf and Amerindian parents fled persecution from the elves of Tir Tairngire and anti-elf Californians in the disputed northern Californian Free State.

Though Daisy is a magician, she never really shadowruns. She is content to make magical foci and deal in the magical underground. Her shop, The Magic Touch, is located near the Salish-Sidhe border off of Interstate 90 with plenty of Metroplex Guards around on duty or patrol. There’s a Force 6 hermetic circle in the back room, and three Force 6 elemental spirits bound to Daisy – fire, air, & earth.

Preferred Runners: Mages, Amerindians, “back to nature” types.

Services:Information, magical gear, additional contacts.
Places to Meet: Her talismonger shop, The Magic Touch, in Renton
Contact: Phone

Source: Burned Ice

Daisy Quallon

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