Dae Onusuka

Deadly Beauty


Known Aliases: Deidre Meang, Denise Chang
Age: 27
Known Affiliation: None Known
Criminal Record: LS-6733-KK#782-Sea-69
Status: Wanted for Questioning (Seattle)


The data you find on her translates into this description: A Korean beauty who has relied on her looks for as long as she can remember. Clawing her way up from the gutter, Dae is a self-made woman, almost literally; a stripper by profession, she traded natural hair for mood-sensing monofiber strands that change color depending on the intensity and direction of her emotions. She has cosmetic modifications throughout her upper body, leaving her face as all that remains of her natural beauty. Her aquiline nose is marked with a half-circle scar that makes her seem imperfect—and more beautiful because of the imperfection.

Furthermore she has been known to associate with a certain Kaz Yakamura

Dae Onusuka

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