Chop-Shop Mechanic


Connection: 3
Loyalty: 1

Contact: Frost

Demeanor: Firecracker

Hangout(s): Cyrus’ Chop-shop, Junk Yards, Harley Centers, The Banshee

Knowledge: Vehicles, go-gangs, Biker Combat, Runner hangouts
Services: Vehicle Repair, Stolen Car Disposal, Custom Modification

Description: Constance is a young red-haired mechanic that doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. Because she is the daughter of a notable vehicle rigger, she receives few breaks in the business. She has earned the respect of the members of the chop-shop as being a capable mechanic.


Constance grew up as daughter of the ex-runner Warthog, a vehicle rigger from Tir Na Nog. Constance grew up working on vehicles. She became a rigger at young age and started running the shadows before she was twenty. Constance is some-what of a golblin groupie, listening to goblin-rock and dating orks. She met Frost by ‘a friend of a friend’ and found the two shared a common interest in vehicles and the Combat Biker League. Constance decided to move to a safer line of work and joined chop-shop outfit in Redmond. Although, she satiates her desires for speed by following the Combat Biker League, it is only a matter of time before she goes back to the shadows as a wheelman.


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