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After a run in with the Shedim known as Prometheus who possessed the biggest troll in the shadows (Ham-Bone), they fought in an alley consumed by fire while Charlie tried to contain the horror, but Charlie sustained massive injuries from both the fire and from High Explosive grenades pressed to his face.
Jonah hex


Rumors flew across the underworld, some new muscle trying to find its way into the seedy side of the shadows, with a propensity for violence, the horseman of war it appears has come to the shadows of Seattle, violence of unprecedented levels erupts, buildings randomly burned to the ground in the wake of gang violence, drive by’s and muggings violent crime skyrocketing. Underworld members and gang leaders murdered in broad daylight, strangled in their sleep, fed alive to their own guard dogs, dismembered via chainsaw.
The whispers in the shadows pointed to a silent figure invisible in shadow, indestructible, the few gangers who boasted of seeing him spin drek about him getting run over by cars, falling out of buildings or holding a grenade to the chest of his victim and walking away unscathed. Fear has come to the underworld, and it was enough to make the citizens nervous, but just as rumors surfaced that lonestar had made a break in the case. it all stopped, overnight,

That was last summer, A little more than 6 months ago…
Complete coincidence no one heard of Charlie before then…


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