Judas Kiss

The Tail

Apr 2, 2071 – Went in for Cyberware surgery, Delta grade Wired Reflexes and Attention co-processor. Took almost Doc’s entire shift. Rushed me out on a gurney while I was still under. Constance took me back to my place.

Apr 3-10, 2071 – Been laid up at my place after the surgery. Doc stopped by a couple of times to make sure I was healing ok. New warez don’t feel right, but I can’t seem to find anything wrong. It’s smoother, faster… yet there’s something like a twinge in the back of my neck. Doc says it’ll just take some getting used to.

Apr 11, 2071 – Had a meet at Tickler’s Strip Club. The Johnson was a working girl, Asian, Hot. Wanted us to follow a couple Injuns. Alec Littletree and Xa Firebird.

Apr 15, 2071 – Charlie and Eddie followed Littletree while Charizo and I followed Firebird. Firebird did all of about nothing until today where he met with one Carla Mathews for a tryst at the sleaze motel Harrington.

Apr 16, 2071 – Met up with Charlie and Eddie at some dive bar in Tacoma. Littletree had deal with a ganger name Caine. Followed Caine to another meet to test the drugs he got. I assume it’s that new drug Tempo that’s hitting the street. Must have been made cause the Ragers forced us off the road. Popped a grenade in one of the cars and opened up on the second before they took off like rats.



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