Judas Kiss

Shopping for a Helicopter

from: Frost
reply-to: Do Not Reply
to: Shotgun Susie, Charlie, Zog, Styles, Chorizo, Ojo, Nine
date: Thu, Dec 17, 2071 at 6:23 PM
subject: Tir Tangire Run
mailed-by: b.e.lonestar.com

Greetings chummers,

I met with Julio San Critoabal Chaquita Consuelo Napoleon Bonaparte Rodriguez de Saravia and he offered us another gig. Recovering more Oriculum from spear-chucking orks in the Tir. On my way to the meet, guess who I got a call from???


The Job only allots for 72 hours. It would take a couple of weeks to procure a vehicle to get us into and out of the Tir in that amount of time with minimal interference, so Oho and I procured transportation. You have roughly 5 and half hours from the time of this message to pack your shit and get to Puyallup.

Hit Nine on a secure line for the pickup location and time.

Oh yeah, here’s the news report:


Lonestar in Seattle says a search is on for a helicopter stolen from the grounds of a KIRO7 satellite station in Puyallup.

Shortly after the 6 p.m. today, two heavily armed individuals hi-jacked the helicopter just as the crew was preparing to respond to a report. The perpetrators gained accessed by impersonating facility ground crew. News reporter Holly Madison thought it was unusual as the individuals approached, but was unable to raise an alarm before assaulted and forced to the ground at gunpoint. Shots were fired, but fortunately no one was seriously injured.

The stolen aircraft is described as a late model Airstar 2050 having red seats and blue tail rudder, with an open-cockpit design and 20-foot rotor span.The Kiro7 logo is emblazoned on the side of the helicopter.

The perpetrators fled into the Puyallup lava flats where they have, so far, been able to avoid capture. If you have any information, Kiro7 is offering a 10,000¥ reward for information that leads to the capture and undamaged return of the helicopter.


KIRO7 just released this exchange between their control station and one of the helicopter assailants.

Control: Was that a gun shot? What’s going on up there?
Assailant: Uh, everything’s under control. Situation normal.
Control: What happened?
Assailant: Uh, we had a slight technical malfunction, but uh… everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine.
Control: We’re sending security up.
Assailant: Uh, uh… negative, negative. We have a jet fuel fire. Give us a few minutes to put it out. Large fire, very dangerous.
Control: Who is this? What’s your company ID number?
Assailant: Uh… [static]



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