Judas Kiss


December 15, 2070
6:43 pm
Nick woke to the sound of his commlink chirping in his ears. He rolled over to acknowledge the annoying intrusion to his sleep and was greeted with the floor rushing up to meet him. The initial flailing jostled the euro-cheap particle plastic coffee table, causing last night’s bottle of Pike’s Extra Stout to spill all over Nick’s exposed back.

“Sonuvabitch!” Nick grabbed the bottle and hurled it blindly across as he stood up. He arched his back, trying to keep the cold liquid from running down the crack of his ass. He met with little success. He checked his commlink and saw the time “Son-Of-A- Bitch!”

He rushed to his room nearly tripping over Styles. The Dwarf had passed on the floor, but was smart enough to grab a blanket. The dwarf’s snoring made Nick think of a mini-Mount Rainer getting ready to erupt. Nick grabbed a t-shirt off the floor to dry off. Grabbing a second shirt, he sniffed it and tossed back on the floor. The third shirt smelt clean enough to don; it was a white hockey-type jersey that read ‘You’re Adickass’. The second word was written in a bold red ‘Adidas’ font, while the first word was in thin blue script above the ‘Adi’; it was barely noticeable if one wasn’t looking for it. Pulling on some Type 99 Oceanic Cami fatigues and combat boots, Nick was finally ready to accessorize.

He grabbed his two Savalette’s and placed them in concealable holsters in the small of his back. He then placed a slide mount on each forearm with a Cavalier Scout. These pistols were only last ditch weapons when all other ‘negotiations’ had failed. The Savalette’s were a bit bulky and the sleeves of his jersey didn’t cover the slidemounts, but when he donned his Secure Tech frock-style long coat, the weapons virtually disappeared. Hi picked up a pair of Frost blue glasses, a trade-mark of his and the reason behind his street name.

Rushing down the stairs and out the door, he blew past Reggie, the bum that normally slept on his dock of the warehouse. Nick turned and extended his arms and two fingers, “You watch my place Reggie and I’ll bring you something nice when I come back!” Frost patted is chest twice and threw the peace symbol in the air. Reggie returned a half-hearted wave. Reggie was mostly harmless, but he had grown on Nick and kept the other squatters of his docks. Nick pulled his bike out of one of the shipping bays of the old warehouse and relocked the door. It was wet out and the drive to the Maiden was about 30 minutes. Nick decided that it would be cooler to arrive on bike. And Frost was always cool.



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